There are several Kaatsu training merits for runners. Sweet As consults training method for each runner’s request.

  • If your knee or Chosune ligament hurts

    Beginner runners who haven’t done specific training, need to pay special attention.
  • If you don’t have enough time to run longer, or can’t run due to injury

    Reinforce with Kaatsu training + Kaatsu running
  • If you don’t know hot to do weight training

    our personal trainer will teach carefully.
  • Is weight training important for running?

    Kaatsu training allows you to move your core muscle in your body.
  • I’m feeling a decline of speed when running.

    It is due to lower your muscle strength.

Runners, trail runners and top athletes run efficiently and look cool!!

Great athletes can do “anything” “as soon as they learn” but not many people are like them. This is believed to have various reasons but one of the main reasons is that your muscles aren’t being exercised enough. In addition, your standing + sitting posture (stoop) are made over decades and it can’t be fixed easily. Some of the workout such as climbing by using hamstrings and using adductors are easy for top athletes but not for others. Some of the heavy workouts have some risks for injury, but Kaatsu training helps you to build fast and slow muscles in a short period of time with low load. Kaatsu training is a more effective way to recover from injury. I hope everyone will enjoy our customized personal training.

Workshop for Runners