KAATSU Training

KAATSU Training Studio in Otemachi, Tokyo

Kaatsu training method involves the restriction of blood flow of the shoulder joint and groin by using a special belt. Due to mass generation of lactic acid, various effects are obtained such as growth hormone secretion, increase vascular flow and increase muscular strength.

Our qualified trainer conducts one-on-one training. The training menu will be varied according to the client’s needs. It is not intended to achieve hemostasis.

This training is suitable for anyone, even for beginners who are not familiar with exercise.

5 Effects of Kaatsu

  1. Weight Loss

    Increase of growth hormone and muscle creates a body which boosts up your metabolic rate.

  2. Increase Resilience

    Research shows that the recovery of injuries including fractures, torn muscles and sprains, will be faster. It is believed that the increase of growth hormone accelerates these recoveries.

  3. Rejuvenation of Skin

    Research result shows that approximately 290 times more growth hormone will be secreted after conducting Kaatsu training. Growth hormone helps the rejuvenation of skin and creates a healthier body which doesn’t gain fat easily.

  4. Improve Blood Circulation

    By repeating the depressurization and pressurization of the muscle, elasticity revives the vessel. When the blood circulation is improved and the volume of blood flow is increased, the metabolism will be active. As a result, it will improve physical disorders such as still shoulders and Raynaud's phenomenon.

  5. Increase Muscle Strength

    Higher effect will be obtained from an easy training, many clients could continue the training. (Clients will be able to continue the training due to the high effects it has.) In addition, Kaatsu training does not create injury, which is why it is popular amongst many people regardless of their age or gender.

※ Effect may be varied depends on individuals.